Supporting Curry Festival places your business at the forefront of arts and culture in Local Council areas, promoting cultural diversity, year-round media presence and social involvement. It is a solid investment with strong marketing benefits including high visibility and effective brand alignment, opportunities for client entertainment, community goodwill and a contribution to Curry Festival’s increased notoriety as a widely heralded cultural harmony project.
Multiple recognition opportunities are available at different social levels. Curry Festival offers flexible packages, enabling you to tailor benefits to reach your target audience and desired demographic. Opportunities include print, online, and outdoor advertising.
Your sponsorship supports the growth of Curry Festival’s community value and adds to the thriving environment that makes Curry Festival an attractive and fulfilling affair for residents, tourists, prospective businesses, and professional artists.
Curry Festival produces high quality, unique and historic festival of colors with a modern context. A variety of entertainment options can be created around the festival’s special social events.